Candice Zepeda

Marketing Major
Marketing Interests : Advertising
Fun Fact : Avid Prince fan. 80's music fan.


As the chief executive officer of the collegiate chapter, the president provides leadership and overall direction.

Natalie Ramirez

Public Relations Major
Marketing Interests : Public Relations
Fun Fact : I like to make cards

Executive Vice President

The executive vice president coordinates each committee towards a collective effort and assists the president in directing the collegiate chapter.

Jeanette Aguirre

Marketing Major
Marketing Interests : Advertisement and promotions, analytic, communications, and social media
Fun Fact : I'm a sports fanatic! My favorite sports are football and basketball, so I keep up with all of our home teams. Upon graduating, I'd like to get into sports marketing or venture into an internship with a sports team over the summer.

Vice President of Advertising and Promotions

The vice president of advertising and promotion is responsible for publicizing the events and affairs of the collegiate Chapter to the school, community and AMA International Headquarters.


Louis Castro

Finance Major
Marketing Interests : Sports Marketing
Fun Fact : I have a twin brother

Vice President of Finance

The vice president of finance is responsible for receiving and disbursing funds and managing the financial affairs of the collegiate chapter.